game design

across zero(2014-now)

Originally it was a turn-based story-driven RPG (very limited world exploration element, think SMT or Persona games). The GDD reached 200k+ words when I decided to make a simplified dungeon crawler out of it. Later, I started working on its actual script (before I only had a detailed story outline). I’m currently writing/organizing the story in HTML and plan to release it here in several chapters (3 or 4) as sort of a text adventure (probably with music but without blackjack or hookers). There is a pretty big chance this is how I’ll end up leaving it. Chapter 1 will be done soon.



A 2D turn-based dungeon crawler RPG I put together using the already existed systems of Across Zero. Didn’t get to finish it mostly due to having scared myself shitless with my own artwork.



2D sidescroller/shmup. Its GDD was 45k+ words but unfortunately the team didn’t quite make it through the early stages of development. If I ever make a sidescroller and/or a shmup, it’ll probably be based on this GDD.