The soundtrack for Heat Signature was primarily made with DSI Tetra, Arturia MiniBrute, Korg Volca Keys, and Korg Gadget. heatsig.com

UNLIMITED was made using DSI Tetra and Korg Volca Keys, as well as software emulations of Minimoog, Oberheim SEM, and Jupiter-8 by Arturia. And of course, Hatsune Miku V3 English.

30 minutes of Synthy Music is a compilation of random or rejected tracks I’ve accumulates over the years. Was made using literally every piece of synth gear I’ve ever had.

Innkeep EP is a sample of the upcoming soundtrack for the upcoming game Innkeep. Full version of the soundtrack will consist of over an hour of music and is in production right now. innkeepgame.com

A small synthy soundtrack for a short demo of a minimalistic text-based browser project that may never be finished. about it

An 11-track old-school-ish power/thrash metal demo album that I essentially wrote 10 years ago but only recently got around to assemble into at least a minimalistically produced demo. It doesn’t sound great, but it was never supposed to.


game design

across zero(2014-now)

I started working on the AZ’s design doc in 2014 wanting to make a game that would look like Persona 3 Portable, had style and atmosphere akin to Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers and/or SMT4, and play like a turn-based Hotline Miami. The GDD reached 200k+ characters when I decided to make a simplified dungeon crawler out of it first, to test the gameplay system I’ve spent so much time designing. Welp, long story short: life got in the way. But I still had the concept and the story, and eventually decided to make at least something with it. I’m currently writing/organizing the story in HTML and plan to release it here/somewhere in several chapters (3 or 4) as sort of a text adventure (with music but probably without any artwork). There is a pretty big chance it’s gonna be the final form of this project, unless one day I get a chance to transform it into maybe something like a visual novel.



A 2D turn-based dungeon crawler RPG I tried to put together using the already existing gameplay systems of the original Across Zero. Didn’t get to finish it mostly due to having scared myself shitless with my own artwork.



2D sidescroller/shmup. Its GDD was 45k+ characters long but unfortunately the team didn’t quite make it through the early stages of development. If I ever make a sidescroller and/or a shmup, it’ll probably be based on this GDD.

language shenanigans

Translation | Interpreting
English <–> Russian <–> Japanese. I do those. Yep. (🤙call me🤙)

If you need directions on your way of becoming fluent in English, Russian, or Japanese, don’t hesitate to ask for shortcuts the idiot polyglot who’s been through all possible good and bad language acquisition practices. I’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions and show you all the tools you’ll ever need to become fluent in any language. Spoiler: they are free and you already have access to them.

Captain Drake Studio

St.Petersburg, Russia


founder, engineer/producer

very professional